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Gr. 6 - School Newspaper

Download In this media and language arts unit, students choose their own learning paths and demonstrate their learning through a graphic design medium. Each student directs their own inquiry whether it be on a current event, sports coverage, a new tech development, or another passion of theirs. They design a page in the school newspaper that features the information they gathered on their subject. Researching, drafting, revising, and time management will all be developed in this engaging yet challenging unit. *requires Canva for Educators

Curricular Connections - English Language Arts 6

Big Ideas

  • Exploring stories and other texts helps us understand ourselves and make connections to others and to the world.

  • Language and text can be a source of creativity and joy.

  • Questioning what we hear, read, and view contributes to our ability to be educated and engaged citizens.

Curricular Competencies

  • Recognize and appreciate how different features, forms, and genres of texts reflect various purposes, audiences, and messages

  • Synthesize ideas from a variety of sources to build understanding

  • Use writing and design processes to plan, develop, and create engaging and meaningful literary and informational texts for a variety of purposes and audiencesTransform ideas and information to create original textsSelect and use appropriate features, forms, and genres according to audience, purpose, and message

Curricular Content

  • paragraphing, form, function, writing processes, presentation techniques

First Peoples Principals of Learning

  • Learning is holistic, reflexive, reflective, experiential, and relational (focused on connectedness,

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